Rising Crime

My neighbors, my friends and my sister have been victims of the rising crime in this district. I want to LISTEN to my constituents, when they encounter these kinds of issues and reassure them that they have a responsive government by bringing your voice to the capital and being a champion on your behalf about the rising crime in our cities.

Auto thefts and thefts from autos are on the rise in Edina/and across the metropolitan area. Attempt carjackings are occurring in Edina and criminals need to be held responsible and be upheld to the law.

I will be that person, in office, who advocates for those who are affected by the rising crime in our cities and make sure they have a representative that they can address these
concerns with and listen to their concerns and reassure them that criminals are being prosecuted for the incidents that are re-occuring in our cities.

Our current representative has been emailed by edina residents about the rising crime and she doesn’t seem to care but I care and when elected I promise, I will do something about it.